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There is a Country in the East of the Adriatic Sea called Montenegro. Rooms in Montenegro is a location for Travelers from all over the world. With more than 15 Rooms and Apartements and over 50 beds with good comfort for nice prices.

If you want to take a day-trip, ask us and we wiill arrange this with our afilliates. The actually currency is the "EURO" and English is a secondary speaking language.

On the Riviera with pearly beaches, as Budva is also called, we have: 2 km away from Budva is the beach Jaz, 200 meters away from the Old town there are beaches: Mogren I and II, next to the walls of the Old town we have the beach called Ricardova glava (Richard's head).



Budva, the country with beautiful beaches and many sunny days. The Main Season is the best time to make party and meet new people. For Traveler who want to see something of the naturally side of Montenegro, there's a perfect chance to travel into the nature and see some different villages and rivers with beautiful views.



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